More than a Tech Tool: Get Maximum Value from Your ABM Offering

Grow new revenue streams to support clients’ ABM efforts.

Are your customers anxious to reap the benefits of account-based marketing (ABM)? The cost and complexity of most ABM software might dim their enthusiasm. Pricey ABM options can take a hefty chunk out of any marketing department’s budget—leaving less funding for website improvements and development projects. That’s one reason we developed CompassABM for Kentico.

Extend Kentico’s Capabilities

We recognized our customers’ pressing need for affordable ABM capabilities. And as Kentico Gold Partners, we knew that Kentico EMS had the capacity to provide some core ABM functionality: 
  • Session management for anonymous users
  • The ability to enrich contact records with firmographic and other data
  • Content personalization at the widget and page levels
  • Conversions to a contact record with online form 
  • Education of converted users through email marketing programs 
However, Kentico's method of personalization limits your abilities when trying to deliver custom ABM content at scale. The problem? The platform was never designed to recognize an individual's company affiliation.

Individual vs. generic persona

Kentico lacks an ability to determine what company an individual user might be associated with before that user completes a form. Because of this, content can only be personalized after watching a user's behavior across a number of visits, page views, and content downloads—then making assumptions about what their persona might be. But what about people who visit only once, don’t view more than a few pages during that visit, or never fill out a form? What if their buying journey is more informed by company or industry affiliation than a generalized persona type? Organizations need a way to discover who such users are from their first page visit. Only then can they deliver a truly customized content experience—at scale.

Personalization variants vs. dynamic account personalization

Kentico provides methods for customizing content. These capabilities work quite well when you need to manage only a few custom content variants for widgets on a page. But what if you’re trying to customize content for 1,000 accounts across a number of storylines that vary based on an account industry, product preference, or a specific relationship? If you’re preparing to run an ABM program and want to provide truly individualized experiences for accounts, you’ll require a more robust solution—like CompassABM. Our solution helps you leverage the excellent content and user-management capabilities of Kentico while also providing methods to deliver dynamic, individualized account personalization at scale. 

By supporting content personalization capabilities in an easy-to-use format and leaving out the bulk of more complicated (and expensive) features that other ABM platforms include—and that many companies don’t often need—CompassABM enables ABM entry for organizations of all sizes. Plus, your customers are more likely to have budget left over for other important initiatives.

Support Your Customers—and Your Business

CompassABM for Kentico provides the technology to power ABM. But many organizations need additional help getting their ABM programs off the ground. Who better to service those needs than your agency?

Strategic consulting and program development

If your company provides digital marketing services, consider developing a package that provides ABM program development or pilot design. With CompassABM taking care of the technological needs, you can help clients with other important tasks:
  • Account categorization
  • Sales enablement
  • Asset selection
  • Database population
  • Ad development
  • Social marketing strategies
  • Program measurement and analysis
  • Nurture campaign development

ABM page design

A programmatic ABM pilot might simply involve swapping out page banners and providing redirects. But more ambitious clients, or those ready to grow their ABM program, are likely to need custom page templates to serve their highest value accounts. 

Custom content development

From banners to emails, ABM relies on personalized content. If your customers lack the time or resources to develop that content themselves, you can provide a service by interviewing sales reps, creating targeted assets, writing custom text, developing ads and graphics, creating nurture emails, and so on. 

Tech support

As a Kentico Partner, you can easily provide additional support around the implementation of 
  • Tool implementation
  • Page construction
  • Site customization
  • Tier determination 

Your Ideas—Your CompassABM 

CompassABM for Kentico is designed to support your customers’ ABM efforts—and to support you as a Kentico Partner. We want to hear your feedback about the tool and about what you want and need to deliver outstanding ABM capabilities to your clients. To talk more about how we can support you as a Kentico Partner, contact Rob Bean at


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