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Pricing for CompassABM is based the volume of unique traffic your website gets each month. Most websites have some variance month-to-month, so consider your highest months of traffic when determining which package works best for your organization. Programs can be setup at lower averages with the ability to pay for burst traffic if desired - it's totally up to you.

5,000 Visitors


For websites with up to 5K unique visitors/month @ 3 IPs/Second

$1,500/month* + setup

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10,000 Visitors


For websites with 5-10K unique visitors/month @ 10 IPs/Second

$1,900/month* + setup

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25,000 Visitors


For websites with 10-25K unique visitors/month @ 25 IPs/Second

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50,000+ Visitors


For websites with 50K-500K+ unique visitors/month @ 50-100 IPs/Second

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Everything you need to deliver effective ABM

  • IP Detection and decoding technology
  • Kentico toolset (widgets, webparts, and templates)
  • ABM Management interface (integrated into the Kentico Admin console)
  • Quick start service - gets your team going fast
* Pricing details
  • There is a one-time fee of $3,500 for setup and configuration of CompassABM service.
  • Prices based on an annual contract and the service is billed quarterly.

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