CompassABM Account Targeting

Reach all your accounts—automatically and based on what matters to you.

Deliver ABM-based personalization to every account.

Keep your focus

CompassABM helps you focus your sales and marketing efforts on your “big fish” opportunities. With these accounts you’ll likely be running highly targeted inbound campaigns using email, social media, and other forms of digital advertising to get them to your site—and in front of their personalized content.

Prospect future opportunity

However, what about new prospects that you might not be aware of yet? What about the other accounts that arrive at your site organically rather than through direct promotion? CompassABM provides prospecting functionality that allows you to easily identify new prospects and helps you categorize them for follow-up or to be included in your ABM program.

CompassABM takes a different approach to targeting.



Specify your high-value accounts.

High-value accounts can include desirable prospect companies who have a strong match with your offerings—or existing customers who have an opportunity to expand their relationship with your company. Along with their account name, you'll identify one or more domains that the account is associated with (for example,,, With this information, CompassABM is able to identify the account when they visit your website and deliver personalized content to them in a variety of ways.

  • Company needs (current pain and opportunity)
  • Industry (benefit and experience)
  • Other attributes like:
    • Company size
    • Revenue
    • Geolocation
    • SIC or NCAIS code


Categorize all your accounts.

With CompassABM, account categorization gives you full control of the approach you take to content personalization. You simply specify each account as strategic, lite, or programmatic, then assign templates according to the level of personalization you want to provide. You can also assign an industry to each account if you have products or solutions that can be differentiated in that way. By using these categorizations, you can deliver simple content customization or provide highly personalized content at scale.

  • Simple customizations might include:
    • Delivering industry targeted banners across your site.
    • Directing visitors to a standard page that matches their industry.
    • Serving up a lightly customized page, based on a common template.
  • You can deliver granular levels of personalized content according to the ABM criteria you set.
    • Strategic: Serve highly personalized content to your most important accounts.
    • Lite: Personalize content at scale with defined attributes and curated content for target accounts.
    • Programmatic: Direct high-value accounts to the most relevant content on your site.


Assign sales contacts to each account.

Work with your sales team to specify a sales rep for each target account. This person will receive account reports and notifications about account activity on your site.

CompassABM Enables a Fast, Affordable ABM Pilot

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