CompassABM Account Identification

Identify visiting accounts—no forms needed.

Identify visiting accounts for fast, efficient personalization.

ABM centers around your ability to identify the presence of targeted accounts on your site. The faster you can identify visitors—and the more insight you have into their needs—the more accurate your messaging and the stronger the engagement.

Know who is visiting and what they are viewing.



Harness the power of IP-based recognition.

Traditionally, you had to wait until site visitors filled out a form, providing their company name and email address. With today’s ABM technology, you no longer need to wait for a form fill to deliver personalized content. And with CompassABM, you get this identification—based on IP address—for nearly every account.


Return firmographic data about visiting accounts.

CompassABM returns firmographic data that can help your sales team know when target accounts are visiting and which pages they’re reviewing. This data can also alert you to unexpected prospects, effectively turning your entire website into a powerful ABM targeting and identification tool.


Prospect future opportunities.

CompassABM provides prospecting functionality that allows you to easily identify new accounts and helps you categorize them for follow-up or to be included in your ABM program.

CompassABM Enables a Fast, Affordable ABM Pilot