CompassABM Account Engagement

Connect with prospects and customers through content personalization.

Customize content across your site.

ABM relies on delivering specific messaging to your highest-value accounts. CompassABM scales this concept, enabling you to serve custom content to a variety of account categories and in a variety of configurations.

Deliver content personalization at scale.



Deliver content at three levels.

CompassABM supports categorization of accounts into strategic, lite, and programmatic levels. You can also specify an industry for each account. You can then configure customization for each level, as well as for individual accounts.

  • Simple customizations might include:
    • Delivering industry targeted banners across your site.
    • Directing visitors to a standard page that matches their industry or pain.
    • Serving up a lightly customized page, based on a common template or theme.
  • You can deliver granular levels of personalized content according to the ABM criteria you set.
    • Strategic: Serve highly customized content to your most important accounts.
    • Lite: Personalize content at scale with defined attributes and curated content for target accounts.
    • Programmatic: Direct high-value accounts to the most relevant content on your site.


Personalize multiple types of content.

Customization can be delivered in numerous ways, including text, images, and assets. Use CompassABM to personalize any component that can be dynamically customized by your website platform:

  • Banners
  • Text panels
  • Resource libraries
  • Pull quotes
  • Videos
  • Highlighted assets
  • …and more
You can also turn customization on and off for each account.


Access additional support services to expand your reach.

To extend the reach of your customization, use CompassABM in tandem with digital advertising, social media campaigns, or other CRM solutions. Short on resources or need expert ABM assistance? CompassABM subscribers can access optional services from our award-winning marketing experts:

  • Buy-in 
  • Strategy
  • List development
  • Asset creation
  • Custom web copy creation
  • Custom web component design
  • Execution
  • Digital promotion
  • Measurement and adjustment

CompassABM Enables a Fast, Affordable ABM Pilot