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Create a comprehensive ABM ecosystem.

Let’s look at how this interaction works in each stage of the ABM lifecycle.

As an integral part of your account-based marketing (ABM) ecosystem, CompassABM works at every level of the ABM process to help you target, attract, identify, and engage accounts, as well as keep your sales team informed about prospect activity. To do so, it works with other marketing and sales tools you likely already have in place—or might choose to use to increase the impact of your ABM campaigns.

Target High-Value Accounts

A key part of ABM is determining which accounts you want to target. Typically, these are “big fish” that represent a significant win for your organization. CompassABM can import data about these accounts from your existing CRM system or a data provider such as ZoomInfo. And as CompassABM helps your team increase account insights and establish new target accounts, you can sync that data back into your CRM.

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You know which accounts you want to target, you’ve developed personalized content just for them, and your sales team is ready to connect. But how do you get those accounts to your site?

First, CompassABM provides personalized URLs (PURLs) that your sales team can distribute via email (automated, for example, through a Marketo campaign) to guide account contacts to the content intended for them. You can also use CompassABM in coordination with advertising platforms like Choozle or Google Ad Manager, or social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. You can even utilize a solution like Terminus to drive traffic to your PURLs.

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When visitors reach your site, CompassABM jumps into action, identifying their companies based on IP address. In this way, you can deliver personalized content to target accounts—and you gain the ability to increase your account base by identifying new prospects. This IP-based identification is enabled through well-researched and continually refreshed data mappings.

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However accounts reach your site, the magic happens once they begin to engage with the customized content you’ve created for them. CompassABM integrates with your web platform to deliver that content dynamically. You can also incorporate an AI bot component, such as LiveChat or Drift, to increase engagement from the get-go.

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With CompassABM, your sales and marketing teams stay in the know, thanks to real-time alerts and regular Google Analytics reports. Want even more insight into visitor behavior? CompassABM supports the use of session analysis tools so that you can see where visitors are going on your site.

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