CompassABM Account Attraction

Combine CompassABM with digital advertising for faster results.

Drive more targeted traffic to your site - cost effectively.

Lowering the barrier to ABM

The greatest expense of many ABM solutions comes from simply gaining access to a proprietary advertising network and then you pay an additional premium to attract prospects. However, there are other ways to drive targeted traffic at a lower cost, so you still have the resources to create differentiated messaging and the unique online experience your prospective accounts expect.

Personalize your message

CompassABM focuses on account identification and content personalization, reducing your overall costs, while dovetailing with other advertising platforms and effective market techniques to drive traffic. We provide you links to customized content so you can drive traffic from email nurture campaigns, targeted social media ads, and with other forms of digital advertising. That makes it easier to develop an affordable pilot—and leaves room in your budget to develop comprehensive account plans and customized content.

Advertise to prospects using the channels you find most effective.



Use targeted URLs to redirect site visitors.

CompassABM enables the generation of shortened URLs that you can use as a marketing-ready link to an account’s personalized landing page. Use this link in digital ads, nurture email campaigns, social media posts, and more. 


Personalize paid advertisements.

Use the insight you develop as part of your CompassABM account planning to create personalized digital ads. Re-use messages, banners, and images across campaigns for a consistent and cohesive campaign.


Pair personalization with email nurture and LinkedIn InMail campaigns.

To drive additional traffic, develop email or LinkedIn InMail nurture campaigns around account industry, pain point, product interest, or other category. You can use the marketing link that CompassABM generates to point recipients to a personalized landing page.


Extend your reach through other forms of digital advertising.

Attract prospects using networks that offer targeting by account name, IP, email, and industry including Google, Choozle, and Terminus.

CompassABM Enables a Fast, Affordable ABM Pilot