CompassABM Sales Alerts

Keep your sales team in the know for optimal ROI.

Provide sales with real-time alerts and weekly reports.

Here’s the best part—CompassABM delivers data that your sales team can use to shorten sales cycles and connect with customers. From real-time notifications to ongoing measurements, CompassABM positions your organization for continuous insight and optimization.

CompassABM helps keep everyone on the same page.



Get real-time notifications of account visits.

You can configure CompassABM to deliver real-time alerts to specific members of your sales team when target accounts visit your site. See which pages an account is visiting and how long the account is spending on each page.


Watch trends with comprehensive daily and weekly digest reports.

Aggregated reports provide additional firmographic information:

  • Account level (strategic, lite, or programmatic)
  • Industry
  • Domain
  • Number of employees, page views, sessions, and contacts


Monitor activity with Google Analytics and reports.

To evaluate the success of your program, you can use Google Analytics to measure and report on various metrics. 

CompassABM Enables a Fast, Affordable ABM Pilot