Locate Outstanding Opportunities for ROI

CompassABM helps you connect with your most important accounts.

How does it work?

CompassABM gives you the technical ability to tell when key accounts visit your site, grab their attention with messaging that matters to them, and direct them to content that connects your solutions with their greatest needs.


TARGET important accounts

Our platform helps you organize your ABM strategy.

  • Specify your high-value accounts.
  • Categorize accounts by industry and ABM approach.
  • Manage account details and ABM engagement plans.
  • Assign a sales contact to each account.
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ATTRACT prospects to your site

Market to contacts from targeted companies who meet a specific profile.

  • Deliver personalized paid advertisements.
  • Reach accounts through categorized nurture campaigns.
  • Retarget key contacts with personalized content.
  • Engage contacts with targeted LinkedIn InMail campaigns.
  • Deliver your messages through advertising platforms such as LinkedIn, Google, Choozle, and Terminus.
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IDENTIFY target account visitors

Our technology automatically discovers and delivers firmographic details for high-value accounts.

  • Identify target accounts via IP-based recognition—no form fills required.
  • See which pages they're looking at.
  • Reveal the names of "other" accounts visiting your site with integrated prospecting tools.
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ENGAGE prospects through personalized content

CompassABM helps you display custom content with ultimate flexibility.

  • Deliver personalized content according to the ABM criteria you set.
    • Strategic: Serve highly customized content to your most important accounts.
    • Lite: Personalize content at massive scale with defined attributes and curated content for target accounts.
    • Programmatic: Direct high-value accounts to the most relevant content on your site.
  • Surface custom banners, ads, pages, resource libraries, offers, and more.
  • Showcase industry-specific experience
  • Curate relevant assets, resources, and testimonials 
  • Get access to optional digital marketing and content creation services from award-winning experts.
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Inform Sales of Account Activity

We keep everyone on the same page with automated notifications and detailed account reporting.

  • Get real-time notifications of important site visitors.
  • Receive comprehensive daily digest reports.
  • Build prospect lists from "non-targeted" website visitors
  • Leverage Google Analytics and reports to monitor ABM-related activity.
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CompassABM Enables a Fast, Affordable ABM Pilot