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Why Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) offers an opportunity to connect with prospects in a focused, personalized way. The core of this capability is the ability to identify the accounts that you most want to attract so that you can deliver targeted content.

CompassABM is the perfect tool to support all aspects of developing a robust pilot program—at an affordable price. And when you’re ready to grow, we’re here to help, with optional additional services and strategic consulting.

Find Success and Grow Your Program

As your program begins to produce ROI, you’ll likely want to reach out to more accounts or deliver more customized content.

A fully fledged ABM program typically involves ad management, several levels of personalized content (up to and including completely individualized microsites), and additional collateral such as customized nurture campaigns, video, white papers, and case studies. 

Get Started: Piloting Effective ABM

CompassABM makes managing a pilot affordable and less risky.
We offer the perfect solution for companies who want to try Account-Based Marketing and desire a complete platform to help manage the details. The tool delivers the core functionality that powers ABM: account identification, website personalization, and prospect tracking. The tool also helps keep your teams informed about the engagement of your target accounts by providing automated alerts and detailed reporting to specified sales contacts. Best of all, CompassABM is completely affordable, so you can try out ABM without risking your entire year’s marketing budget. 

Be wary of complicated enterprise ABM software
Most ABM software is prohibitively expensive for companies that aren’t 100% sold on implementing a long-term, expansive ABM effort. Plus, many of these solutions are complex—leaving you to pay for functionality you might never use. After spending significant money on the technology, you have little left to pay for content. And engaging, relevant content and outreach channels are what drive ABM’s true value.

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CompassABM helps you start, grow, and streamline your ABM journey.

Grow Your Program: CompassABM + Additional Services

If you’re running low on time or marketing personnel, developing the customized content to fuel your ABM program can be a stretch. And if your pilot returns the results you want, you’ll probably want to consider an expanded program

We offer a variety of optional services to complement the CompassABM tool and support your team. Whether you need help with content development, ad management, or account categorization, we can help.

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CompassABM Enables a Fast, Affordable ABM Pilot

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