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CompassABM for Kentico helps empower a successful ABM strategy by enabling you to target the accounts that offer the most value for your company, whichever type of ABM you want to implement.

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  • Target: Tell us your dream account and which salesperson you want as the account contact. As soon as a visitor from that company’s IP range hits your site, CompassABM for Kentico will alert sales and resolve valuable details about the visit—no need to wait for visitors to fill out a form.
  • Attract: Design an ad the account can’t resist. We’ll serve it up through top paid-ad networks like Google AdWords and Choozle, retargeting visitors from the account IP.
  • Identify: Whenever a visitor from your target account comes to your site, CompassABM will deliver firmographc data, register them with the site, and begin to track their behavior - all without completing a form.
  • Engage: CompassABM will surface personalized content—banners, video, pages, interactive widgets, and more—that speaks directly to their needs. 
  • Inform: Through alerts and reports, your sales team can gain strategic insight and work with marketing to update targets and content for optimal results.
Need help executing your ABM strategy?
CompassABM experts can help you generate content, manage your paid ad networks, or develop a comprehensive strategy to align sales and marketing.

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