CompassABM for Sales

Connect quickly with your target accounts.

CompassABM provides a solution that wins.

Tired of struggling to engage your dream prospects in a meaningful way? With CompassABM, you can put your most important sales messages directly in front of your most important accounts. And with CompassABM, you can find out exactly when those accounts are visiting your site, where they’re going, and which content is holding their attention…no forms required.

Connect with high-value accounts

With traditional “shotgun” marketing methods, you blast the world with messages, then wait (and hope) for prospects to respond, visit your generic site, and decide whether to fill out a form. But with ABM, you specify the accounts you want to target, then work with marketing to determine which messages will resonate most.

CompassABM utilizes Kentico’s visitor-data capabilities to turn digital data—such as  company name, industry, corporate website, and more—into information you can use. 

When a visitor’s IP address matches one of your target accounts, CompassABM surfaces custom content. Your most important prospects automatically see the messages that are most likely to lead to conversion. At the same time, your specified account representative is notified that someone from the account is on your site. Your sales team gets valuable real-time alerts as well as comprehensive reporting about the account’s activity on your website—and gets one step closer to closing the sale.

CompassABM also lets you use resolved digital data to create targeted paid advertisements on networks like LinkedIn, Choozle, and AdRoll to help you stay top of mind and keep those high-value accounts coming back for more. 

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