CompassABM for Marketers

Personalize content for optimal results.

CompassABM provides a solution that delivers wins.

Want to support your sales team while also getting the most useful content and a personalized experience in front of key account visitors to your website? Account-based marketing (ABM) enables delivery of personalized content to the accounts that matter most to sales. And CompassABM for Kentico gives you the tools to power up your ABM strategy—without blowing up your budget.

Reach prospects with content meant for them

You work hard to create content that hits the mark with the buyers who can benefit most from your solutions. But getting that information in front of the right people right out of the gate is more and more difficult. 

Statistics show that you have only seconds to grab site visitors’ attention. That’s where the web personalization component of ABM comes in, letting you present personalized content and experiences for visitors from your most important accounts. What could you accomplish if you could deliver industry-, company-, or location-specific pages and tools front and center, automatically—even before visitors fill out a form? With CompassABM, you can.

Working with your sales team, you can specify your highest-value accounts. Through IP-address resolution, CompassABM lets you know when visitors from those companies hit your site. And CompassABM automatically directs those visitors to the personalized pages you’ve created for them. It’s like a digital special-delivery service—no postage required.

Measure the impact of your program. CompassABM is fully integrated with Google Analytics so you can run customized reports to help understand and coordinate your ABM data with other aspects of site usage.

Keep buyers coming back for more

Want far-reaching results? Our CompassABM customer success team can assist with list building and developing a variety of digital marketing programs. Deliver personalized paid advertisements via LinkedIn, Choozle, or AddRoll to retarget prospects who’ve stopped by your site—and make sure that their next visit is even more engaging.

Need help aligning with sales, creating content, or managing ad placement? Take advantage of CompassABM’s optional digital marketing services, provided by award-winning experts. From content creation to paid ad management, we can help.

Avoid unwanted complexity—and costs

One of the best parts of CompassABM is its affordability. Unlike most ABM software, CompassABM is easy on your budget, so you get a faster ROI. CompassABM is designed to work with Kentico, reducing the impact on your IT team and enabling more flexibility than you can get with separate software products. And our online platform enables fast setup and scalability. 

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