CompassABM for Kentico Development Partners

Implement ABM with a product designed for Kentico.

Navigate your way to greater ROI with CompassABM.

Account-based marketing (ABM) functionality is quickly becoming a must-have for many B2B companies. But why pay exorbitant prices for functionality you don’t need? CompassABM for Kentico provides a simple, affordable tool for IP identification, recognition, and personalization: the foundation of delivering an ABM program online. Plus, CompassABM is built on the Kentico foundation you already know, use, and love. 

Simple yet powerful

CompassABM for Kentico delivers robust ABM functionality through four core features:

IP-Based Firmographic Data

Our globally distributed infrastructure allows reliable access to visitors’ company name, corporate website and address, industry classification codes (SIC and NAICS), number of employees, and revenue.

Enhanced Kentico EMS

CompassABM provides extensions to existing Kentico APIs that enable you to take advantage of this surfaced information. You can run queries on the data as well as map the resolved information into custom Contact fields, enriching your Kentico EMS contact records.

Activate personalization at scale

CompassABM provides you the ability to trigger personalization variants in Kentico. Typically, when personalizing content at scale, setting up hundreds of variants is problematic. But CompassABM delivers a number of common field attributes that allow you to personalize content as easily as with a mail merge.

Effective analytics and metrics

With CompassABM, you can determine how much time targeted accounts are spending on your site and where they’re going. You can enhance scoring based on firmographic data, and you can write scripts for customized data use.

Flexible, customizable, and affordable

CompassABM offers real-time alerting based on target account activity. You also get daily email digest and Google Analytics reports for fine-grained reporting options. 

  • Our system is open, so you can also write your own custom integrations to use the extended data that CompassABM provides. 
  • Enjoy complete personalization, including options for variant widgets, full pages, web parts, banners, buttons, callout boxes, panels, images—anything that can be edited in Kentico.
  • CompassABM also ships with a number of pre-defined account attributes that allow you to personalize content across hundreds of accounts without setting up individual variants in Kentico.
  • With our fast, scalable API and highly available, redundant account database, you can implement CompassABM without slowing down site performance.
  • Monthly pricing is based on average monthly unique visitors, and our online platform reduces deployment time and effort and guarantees that you always have up-to-date functionality.

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