ABM Services

Let us help you build a successful ABM venture.


Services designed to support a successful ABM program

Want help building out your account-based marketing (ABM) program? We’re here to help. We offer a number of optional services to support ABM efforts of all types, levels, and sizes.


The initial stage of an ABM pilot involves garnering buy-in from your marketing, sales, and executive teams. We can help you with this preparatory step by providing materials, site visits, and presentations.

  • Communicate ABM benefits to each team
  • Explain CompassABM programs to stakeholders 
  • Demonstrate CompassABM results
  • Develop a complete pilot program budget
  • Estimate expected ROI


Our digital marketing and certified Kentico experts can help you develop the best ABM strategy for your business, including evaluation of business models, price points, sales channels, and more. We’ll also help you achieve the necessary alignment of sales and marketing—a vital part of successful ABM programs.

  • Determine the right ABM level for your company and project
  • Research target accounts
  • Interview stakeholders
  • Provide gap analysis of assets per buyer stage and personas
  • Plan website and ad customization

List Development

We’ll help you develop your target account list and the top-level data that plug into CompassABM.

  • Evaluate list sources
  • Develop primary target messaging points
  • Segment lists according to appropriate ABM level
  • Complete account tagging in CRM
  • Research and append contact data (name, email, phone, address, domain)
  • Acquire IP list data for use in LinkedIn, Choozle, and Google marketing/remarketing.

Asset Creation

Let our experts help create customized content that connects with your target accounts. Choose from a variety of copy, crafted by award-winning marketing experts.

  • Develop collateral (white papers, case studies, ebooks, podcasts, videos)
  • Create digital ads
  • Write copy for nurture programs (email, social media)

Custom Web Copy Creation

We’ll coordinate with both sales and marketing to review your current website for available messaging, collateral, and imagery. With this insight, we’ll create customized web copy to deliver a personalized online experience for your targeted accounts.

  • Complete a web copy gap analysis/needs matrix 
  • Create customized page copy, based on research and depending on ABM level
  • Select appropriate banner and page images 
  • Provide updated industry page copy, as needed
  • Gather account logos, as needed

Custom Web Component Design

Want to deliver fully customized landing pages as part of a strategic or lite ABM program? We can design pages that integrate graphics, text, video, and more to grab the attention of your ideal customers.


Short on time or resources? We’ll help you populate and deploy CompassABM to your Kentico-based website.

  • Populate CompassABM database with provided data
  • Develop ABM best practices with sales and marketing
  • Execute account plan with variable tactics

Digital Promotion

Ready to take your ABM program to the next level? We’ll help you implement a digital campaign to generate return visits from your target accounts.

  • Develop targeted ads for use on Choozle or AdRoll
  • Launch InMail, sponsored posts, and other targeted programs in LinkedIn
  • Manage the disbursement, rotation, testing, and adjustment of your ads

Measurement and Adjustment

A vital part of any marketing effort is measurement, evaluation, and adjustment of your program to continually optimize results.

  • Build measurement criteria
  • Conduct account reviews
  • Evaluate tactical results and adjust tactics as needed
  • Adjust participating accounts at each level

From pilot to full program, we can help.