Direct a Successful ABM Strategy

CompassABM points you in the right direction.

We live and work in an era of information overload.

That can make it difficult to connect with prospects in a personal, meaningful way…and impossible to stand out from the crowd. And with B2B customers entering the buying cycle later and later, those connections are more important than ever.

Many companies are finding that adding ABM efforts to their demand-generation mix can help their most lucrative buyers cut through all the noise to get the information they want and need. 

Deliver a customer-centric lead generation strategy.

By delivering targeted, relevant content to your highest-value accounts, you increase the likelihood of developing a trusted relationship with those prospects—and of converting them into customers faster.

Use ABM to engages key accounts

By personalizing content, advertisements, and the online experience based on industry, size, location, buying stage, or other parameters that your sales and marketing teams set, you can provide real customer value that drives engagement:

  • Less time spent locating relevant product and service information
  • Faster service through clear representative contact information 
  • Quick access to useful documentation
  • A higher likelihood of consuming key content
  • A more enjoyable online experience resulting in deeper, faster engagement

ABM Categorization

According to ITSMA, ABM programs are categorized according to the number of accounts targeted in each group and the level of effort and personalization that will go into your outreach. CompassABM leverages the same categorization to keep your program well organized.


Strategic ABM

Strategic ABM (one-to-one) aims to connect you with your most valuable accounts—the “whales” that can make or break your company. For these accounts, you’ll probably want to design highly crafted messages and plenty of personalized content across your site.


ABM Lite

Lite (one-to-few) ABM targets “big fish” that are important for your success. These accounts might share a common pain; they care about similar issues and so can be addressed through semi-personalized content. 


Programmatic ABM

Programmatic (one-to-many) ABM applies the outbound concepts of ABM to a much larger set of accounts. The content for this type of campaign is much less personalized on a per-customer basis but still provides more direct communication than an inbound marketing approach.

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